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50 ways to take a better poop

Everybody poops. You don’t even have to learn how, unless it’s important …

Taken from: http://nomoremutants.com

Protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy: No more proxies

Frankly, I’m surprised this study didn’t make more of a splash. I …

Because finding an image for this post was too much work after I wrote this. Credit: XKCD.com (my one true love)

Do I or don’t I….go to medical school?

I’m going to make an even further departure from my regular theme …

I don't know why they picked 29, since that the atomic number for copper, but this design is from http://www.whatonearthcatalog.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?action=DETAIL&ITEM=CL9321

How to decide when you don’t know how to decide

Two things happened this week that inspried me to write this post: …

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