In my blog, I critically review research. I love helping people make sense of science. Previous “clients” to whom I’ve lent a hand include Experience Life magazine and Men’s Health magazine, as well as a myriad of coaches, trainers, writers and physicians. If you need study interpretation services, I can definitely help you and would love to hear from you. I’m also available as a speaker/lecturer on critical appraisal, and research methodology.

But research isn’t just about reviewing other people’s work. It’s about creating new knowledge. In my life as a methodologist, I help people create new knowledge.

What makes me different than any other methodologist or statistician? Integrated knowledge. Chances are, I already speak your language. You don’t have to explain double-twitch interpolation, or fractional protein synthesis to me. I already know the pros and cons of DEXA vs skin-fold quantification of body fat. I have direct and personal experience with kinematic and kinetic data collection. I have fully designed and run randomized controlled trials. We can talk about any number of diseases, health conditions, even complex surgeries and you don’t have to start from square one. If I don’t know your content, I have the advanced knowledge to learn it quickly. Most of all, I understand how it all comes together with a research protocol, ethics approval and statistical analysis and interpretation. I can help you design a meaningful and feasible study that will correctly answer your research question that has potentially immediate practicality. And while the statistics may appear complex, they will always be directly (not theoretically) relevant to your content area.

Research design is my life. Collaboration is the lifeblood of science. Whether you’re based in academia, industry or even if you’re starting out as a graduate student, you don’t have to be a methodological expert to get the right answer. We can get there together.

Let’s talk about how I can help you.

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